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How to keep your feet health and why?

 Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally." —Christian Louboutin

 Keeping your feet healthy shall lift your overall health. When you're feeling comfortable in your shoe, you'll be more confident and clear-minded without having pain fogging your thinking. That's why we will tell you more about feet hygiene:


 Wash your feet with warm water and soap daily and dry them properly to keep the bacterial and fungal infection. Don't walk barefoot, so you don't make your feet vulnerable to infections and blisters, and always apply sunscreen to your feet.


 Wear socks that fit your feet and make sure they are not too tight to keep your feet from swallowing. Change your socks daily and never wear the same one twice without washing it as it can cause your feet to smell. Also, choose cotton, wool or bamboo socks as they allow your feet to breath and have the right temperature.


 Check your toenails at least once a week for any discolouration that could be caused by fungus and seek expert advice to treat it properly. You also need to cut your toenail straight across without cutting the sides, so you don't suffer from ingrown toenail later on.

 Hydration and moisturizing

 Always keep a bottle of water with you, especially in hot days to keep your feet from swallowing and to avoid feet pain, and moisturize them often to keep your skin from cracking and thickening.

 Flip flops and heels

 Avoid wearing flip flops as they don't support your feet properly and can cause you injuries, and try not to wear high heels for a long time. If your job dress code requires you to wear one, make sure it's not higher than 5 cm, so it doesn't damage your feet.


 Don't wear a tight shoe or one that doesn't support your feet arch. Read more about 4 Simple steps to follow when buying a shoe.


 Exercise or walk whenever you can and while wearing the right shoe. Also, massage your feet from time to time to improve blood circulation and relieve pain.

 Medical help

 Finally, if you suffer from feet pain that doesn't go away for several days, see an expert and don't tend to Google instead.

 Take care and enjoy a healthy foot!

4 Simple Steps to follow when buying a shoe