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4 Simple Steps to follow when buying a shoe

Wearing the wrong shoe for your feet can ruin your day, causes you pain and possibly injury if your day includes long walks or many exercises. That's why it's crucial and essential to know how to choose the right shoe for your feet.

Here are some steps you need to follow


1. Try it on

When purchasing a shoe, you must try it on to see if it's comfortable. Don't consider the size number, if it doesn't fit don't be shy to ask for another size as shoe sizes differ depending on the type and brand of the shoe. And don't forget to wear the same kind of socks that you usually wear. Also, you need to make sure that it supports the arch of your feet.


2. Walk around 

You must walk around with any shoe, even if it fits while sitting. Make sure your heel is held right and the proximity of 1 to 1.5 cm space from the tallest toe and the end of the shoes.


3. Check the Sole, midsole and heels

You need to make sure that the sole of the shoe is of excellent material that will protect your feet when stepping on sharp objects. While the midsole needs to be well cushioned to absorb any impact. Finally, the heel which needs to be held firmly by the shoe.


4. Purchase

It's better to buy the shoe at the end of the day as your feet expand through the day.


Good Luck with your Next Purchase!





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